Five Little Things I loved the week of January 27, 2017.

Five Little Things

Five Little Things I loved the week of January 27, 2017.
Five Little Things

Five Little Things I loved the week of January 27, 2017.

Five little things I loved this week:

1. Slow Cooker

I love my slow cooker all year round, but most especially during this time of year. We are finally getting a break from the rain, but the chill remains, and all I want are soups and stews. Thank goodness for my slow cooker!

If you’re looking for slow cooker dinners that you can set and forget, try my Braised Chicken with Chickpeas & Peppers, Slow Cooker Chicken Stock, Braised Chipotle Short Ribs, or Filipino Adobo-style Pulled Pork Sandwiches.

There’s also Toni’s Gluten-free Slow Cooker Tropical Fruit Granola, Paula’s Slow Cooker Mulled Cranberry Punch, and Heidi’s Butternut Squash Beef Stew.

2. The Five Minute Journal

I love keeping a gratitude journal, but this can get tedious without structure. I started using The Five Minute Journal and can’t tell you how it’s made such a difference in my every day! All it takes is a few minutes in the morning and at night, and I love how it gives me a moment of introspection without feeling overwhelming. I highly recommend it!

3. Ground Corn 101

Another thing I’ve been obsessed with? Polenta and grits! What exactly are the nuances between the two? Chef Virginia Willis explains it all in Ground Corn 101.

4. Disney Easter Eggs

If you haven’t seen this, and you’re a Disney Pixar fan, you MUST check this out. And prepare to be amazed!

How is Monsters U connected to all the other Disney Pixar films? Find out:

تم نشره بواسطة ‏‎Monsters University‎‏ في 19 يناير، 2017

5. You’ve Got a Friend in Me

I already had a soft spot for this song, but after seeing this daddy-daughter duo,my heart…melted.

And speaking of friendship, if that doesn’t already melt your heart, this story of true neighborly love will bring tears to your eyes.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Mary

    Liren, I loved Virginia Willis’s explanation of the differences between cornmeal, grits, and polenta. I have been known to say, ‘I could eat grits or polenta every single day’, and it’s true. I’ve always known the basic differences between all the various ground corns, but Virginia Willis definitely shared on a deeper level the subtleties between them. Thanks for sharing!

    • Liren Baker

      I completely understand now why you feel that way — my appreciate for grits and polenta didn’t develop until I was older, but I will never forget my first taste of exceptional grits. It was eye opening. I really loved Virginia Willis’ explanation, too, and found it to be so helpful! Glad you enjoyed it, Mary! xo

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