Just as I have been focusing on recipe organization recently, I’ve come to realize that I should pay attention to our little wine cellar.

Oh, I wish we had a wine cellar! Alright, it’s really a wine fridge.

Nevertheless, it needs some order. There was a time when I used to keep a running list of its contents. I would, at a glance, know quantity, varietals, vineyards, and vintage. But I haven’t been monitoring its contents lately, and the other day, it came to my attention that perhaps I should begin keeping track of one more thing: source.

And when I say source, I simply mean, how did this bottle make its way into our home? I can usually remember the wines I buy. I may vaguely recall the wines my husband buys. But I have lost track of the wines that we may have received as gifts.

Last weekend, I reached into the wine fridge and pulled out a 2004 Cabernet Saugivnon from Broman Cellars. And I found myself scratching my head. Did I buy this? Or was this a gift from a guest? I’m realizing now that I may never know (if you are reading this and think that perhaps you were the sweet soul that brought this bottle, thank you, and, please do tell!). But I will say this – this is a Cab that I consider a “special occasion” wine. With Valentine’s Day just days away, I wanted you to know about this enchanting find, as it is surely worthy of a romantic dinner and evening.

This wine is suave and approachable, yet very elegant. Rich in plum and cherry flambé, there is also a hint of smooth, rich chocolate…does this not sound like Valentine’s Day in a bottle? I know that you will love it. If you are looking for a wonderful wine that will complement your Valentine’s dinner, consider this beauty. You will find yourself lingering over every lovely sip.


  1. Jean

    What a treat to have this in your wine fridge. This is one of our favorites and one of hubby’s go-to offerings when paying a visit to friends. And I agree that this would be a perfect wine for a celebration–like Valentine’s! :-)

  2. Michelle

    Nice find. :) Makes me want to check out our wine collection and see what we have. Happy Valentine’s day to you and your hubby!

  3. Lisa { AuthenticSuburbanGourmet }

    Liren – Charles and I love this wine! I have a couple in our cellar. I discovered it a couple years ago when my Porthos wine club sent it as the monthly wine pack. Perfect wine to enjoy on V-Day!!! :-)

  4. Monet

    So now I know what to buy for Monday night. Would this go well with a homemade pizza? I’m so CLUELESS when it comes to wine. I need to take a class, go to Napa, do something! Thank you for sharing my friend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend of love, good food and good wine!

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