About Liren

I am inspired by the beauty of food,

what it represents, what it invokes,

and what we can create out of it.

Hi, I’m Liren.  I am a mother of two and wife to one, currently based in the SF Bay Area, land of fresh foods and sublime wine.  I have lived in foodie meccas such as New York (where I was born and raised), Chicago, and Los Angeles.

While I started Kitchen Confidante® in the early part of 2010, in many ways, this blog has been over 15 years in the making. When I began cooking in earnest, I learned to cherish recipes that remind me of family, friends and life events – this space allows me to share my battered, overstuffed recipe binder and the stories behind them. Along the way, I have found that my blog gives voice to my creative side, whether it is developing my own recipes or working on my photography.

I also can’t help but share the vibrant culinary culture I have learned to embrace in the San Francisco Bay Area. One of the most rewarding aspects of blogging is connecting with a world of like-minded people. I enjoy meeting and telling the stories behind passionate local food artisans and winemakers. And I love hearing back from readers who take the time to tell me when they try a recipe!

I plan to share with you anything I find truly worthy of a place in the kitchen.  It may be an ingredient, a wine, a recipe – anything that enhances our escapades in the kitchen and makes our taste buds smile.  I hope you enjoy it and visit again soon!

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Partnership Opportunities


I love sharing what excites me in the kitchen and the stories about brands that I personally love. When I get to work with a brand I already adore, I love the creative challenge of showcasing the product, but I also enjoy having the chance to learn more about new brands – many of which I have grown just as passionate about! I would be happy to work with you to create unique and creative content that I know my audience will love.


If you’re like me, you’re always thinking ahead to creating the next meal and making it exciting. Bold, fresh flavors made with wholesome ingredients inspire me, and is influenced from the amazing produce we enjoy here in California, as well as the flavor memories of my travels and childhood in New York. I have worked with brands to create recipes to be featured on websites, magazines, video, product collateral, and more.


Sourcing ingredients, developing recipes, styling and photographing dishes are what I love — my goal is to create food that will inspire you to run to the kitchen and cook!


Leaving the kitchen once in a while to meet like minded people is a must. I have had the honor to speak at conferences on how brands and bloggers can effectively work together (i.e. International Association of Culinary Professionals, BlogHerFood-SheKnows Symposium), as well as food styling and photography (BlogHerFood). But there are also other opportunities to work together outside the kitchen – media launch parties, food trucks and judging culinary contests are just a few more creative ways that come to mind!


With video in great demand, I can create content for video, and produce it as well, but I am also happy to appear in your next production, whether it is showcasing a new product or your featured recipe.


Traveling is in my genes and I love exploring the delicious world around us. Whether it is savoring the flavors of a destination or immersing myself in a brand I enjoy, I love to share these experiences with my readers and on social media.

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It is an honor to have been featured on these fine sites.

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