Simple Sundays | Filipino Beef Nilaga {Nilagang Baka}

Simple Sundays | Filipino Beef Nilaga {Nilagang Baka}

Filipino Beef Stew

The arrival of autumn delivers waves of nostalgia. The scent of crayons and number two pencils bring me back to fall afternoons spent at the kitchen table, still dressed in my plaid uniform, busily scribbling away in my marble notebooks. A few steps away, the stock pot is bubbling and brewing, and I begin to salivate as the broth becomes richer in flavor.

This time of year takes me back to dishes that remind me of home, the Filipino classics that I grew up on in a New York kitchen.  For today’s Simple Sundays post, I am excited to give you a sneak peek at a guest post I am sharing tomorrow on the blog, Asian in America. Betty Ann Quirino is on a mission to help dispel a misconception recently presented to her by a local food journalist: he claimed that cooks in the United States believe Asian cuisine is expensive to cook because ingredients are hard to find. Nothing could be further from the truth.

While I was born and raised in New York, my parents managed to bring the flavors of their Filipino heritage to our kitchen, despite the fact that ingredients indigenous to the Philippines were not as readily available as they are today. Part of the immigrant experience is adaptation and preservation, and when it comes to food, it absolutely holds true. My mother learned to find appropriate substitutes to recreate the flavors that reminded her and my father of home.

So, when Betty Ann approached me with the challenge of sharing a Filipino dish that is affordable and does not require “ethnic ingredients,” I knew exactly what I would prepare for you. Just look at these ingredients. It doesn’t get any simpler than this, and I certainly don’t think there is anything “exotic” about them.

If you can boil water, you can make Beef Nilaga. I hope you enjoy my guest post and recipe, and I do hope you explore Asian in America’s September theme: Asian Food is Affordable. There are other guest posts in store for Asian in America, and it just goes to show you that the simplest of foods can also be some of the most delicious, even if it comes from an ocean away.

The story and recipe for Filipino Beef Nilaga can be found on Asian in America here. Enjoy!


    • Liren

      Hi Louise, the story and recipe for Beef Nilaga will be live tomorrow on Asian in America (please see link above). Hope you like the sneak peek and I hope you enjoy the recipe when it is live tomorrow! Thanks!

  1. Norma

    I am sending this to my Filipino daughter-in-law and saving it for me also. This looks delcious and reasy for the cold weather ahead.

  2. Betty Ann of AsianinAmericamag

    Liren, thanks so much for guest posting on my blog ! What a terrific post! We love Beef Nilaga so much here at home. When I was growing up, we used to have it every Sunday. Love your photos and the great write-up. Thanks for showing everyone what a delicious dishes Filipinos can come up with on a budget! THANKS, BUDGET BUDDY!

  3. The Travelling Chopsticks

    I found it quite incredible that someone thought it was expensive making asian dishes due to the ingredients…I think it would be more the fact that people can be intimidated! What a great sneak peak and a great way of dispelling any such notions! I have never had Beef Nilaga before, but I think I have to give it a try…we even have those ingredients here in Mexico :)

  4. joy sarsale

    sorry – but i know this is completely by chance, but i saw this link from one of the food blogs i subscribe to. is this liren from the binghamtonics? (very random, i know!)

    • Liren

      Hi Joy! Well, yes, the one and only! Not too many Liren’s out there :) How are you!?! It’s so incredibly random that you should stumble upon me here! I hope you are well. Hugs!

  5. Kita

    Wow, all I can recognize in my mind right now is the smell of crayons and pencils. Way to evoke that memory. This meal sounds comforting and hearty – perfect for this time of year.

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