The patisserie counter at local Safeway in Blackhawk is one of Five Little Things I loved this week.

Five Little Things

Five Little Things I loved the week of May 22, 2022: grilling season, grocery shopping, meaningful homes, and more!

The patisserie counter at local Safeway in Blackhawk is one of Five Little Things I loved this week.
Five Little Things

It’s been a tough week for many of us. Trying times are when I look to the important things in life, and really seek out the good things that remind us of hope. I hope that this weekend, you are able to find happiness in the little things. Here are Five Little Things I loved this week:

1. Grilling Season

This long holiday weekend, as we take a moment to remember and honor the true meaning of Memorial Day, I hope you are able to enjoy the time with your families, especially those whose relatives have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

This weekend also marks the start for cookouts and a season of grilling. Have you checked out my Simple Recipes for Memorial Day and a Season of Grilling?

2. New and Improved

When you go grocery shopping as much as I do (nearly every day!), then having your neighborhood Safeway undergo a complete remodel is serious stuff! My local store has been upgraded with premium shopping experiences! It’s incredible – from the wine department and deli to the extensive butcher’s block and patisserie bakery, there’s so much to explore in every aisle — and now, grocery shopping is less of a chore and so much more fun! I shared this reel on Instagram today of the grand re-opening, check it out!

3. More than a Home

This is a must-watch. I can only imagine the complex feelings this man and his extended family experienced as a home purchase uncovered a link to the family’s past.

4. Eataly is Coming to San Francisco

Finaly! Eataly is coming to San Francisco! Learn more here!

5. Birthday Flights

What a sweet way to celebrate this passenger’s 95th birthday!

Stay joyful!


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