Birthday Cake Cookies + How To Plan a Birthday Bash!

Birthday Cake Cookies |

As luck would have it, the birthdays of each member of our family falls in each season: winter for my daughter, spring for my husband, summer for me (go summer birthdays!), and autumn for my son. This is awesome for many reasons – it spaces out the party planning, for one, and each season provides its own inspiration for celebrations, from activities to food to colors and theme.

One this is certain – even if I may know there is a birthday around the corner, I tend to start the planning a few weeks in advance. Between you and me, however, I have planned birthday celebrations in much less time, and it can be done, with a little help.

Sambal Glazed Eggplant and Shrimp |

Simple Sundays | Sambal Glazed Eggplant and Shrimp

His little arms wrapped around me as I greeted him good morning in his little bed. “I missed you, Mommy. I felt like my love supply was half empty.” Aw. Me too, buddy. I returned from a...

Coconut Banana Bread with Nutella |

Coconut Banana Bread with Nutella

Can you make an educated guess as to where you can most likely find me, on any given day? Monday to Friday, and on weekends, too?

Fresh Cherry Wine Sauce with Ice Cream |

Fresh Cherry Wine Sauce with Ice Cream

I thought I was done for the day. I certainly felt like I was done for the week. And it was only Monday. After several days of nonstop cooking, the kitchen sink was piled high, the counters...

Slow Cooker Stout Pulled Pork |

Simple Sundays | Slow Cooker Stout Pulled Pork

She fell in love, head over heels…with two brothers. They met on our vacation in Hawaii. Their names?

Five Little Things | August 8, 2014 |

Five Little Things

Five Little Things I love this week… 1. Strawberries…while they last… With each batch of berries, I can’t help but wonder how much longer we’ll be able to enjoy them. You guys, fall is just around the...

Tropical Rice Pudding |

Tropical Rice Pudding

As soon as we returned from Maui not too long ago, we (each one of us) plummeted into a whirlwind of activity. My husband’s work and travel schedule was in high gear, both children started a two...

Burrata with Heirloom Tomatoes |

Burrata with Heirloom Tomatoes + Di Bruno Bros House of Cheese Cookbook and Giveaway

“I can’t live without cheese,” my mother used to say, when she would indulge in a sliver of her favorite cheese. I grew up nibbling on the cheeses she loved best – those that were sharp and...

Tri-Color Cauliflower Salad |

Simple Sundays | Tri Color Cauliflower Salad

There was a moment when I looked at my husband across the aisle and thought, “this is it.” Our children were sitting in the row with me, the oxygen masks secured on our faces, the breathing in...

Five Little Things

Five Little Things

Five little things I loved this week: 1. Tomatoes + Basil I couldn’t think of a better couple. And I couldn’t think of an easier summer salad than one that shines with these two ingredients. Next Monday,...

Stovetop Rhubarb-Cherry Crisp |

Stovetop Rhubarb-Cherry Crisp

It’s good to be home. My case of the post vacation blues lasted the better part of Sunday, but when I lay my head on my pillow, and sipped my coffee in my mug, and wrapped myself...

Simple Sundays | Red Cabbage & Jalapeño Slaw

Simple Sundays | Red Cabbage & Jalapeño Slaw

I haven’t been meloncholy at the end of a vacation in such a long time. But this morning, I rose just as the sun was beginning its rise, opened my door to the living room, felt the...

Nutella S'mores Parfait |

Nutella S’mores Parfaits

I still have that old planner somewhere, that thin, black, academic edition day-timer. I lived by that book. I lived by the fine blue ink that marked those important dates in my capital letter print: thesis defense,...

Summer Corn and Barley Salad |

Simple Sundays | Summer Corn and Barley Salad

I’m at that point in the summer when I look at the calendar and start to wonder, “Have I done enough?” I’ve settled into summer and am used to it, the children and I are following an...

Five Little Things - July 18, 2014 - Crisp |

Five Little Things

Five little things I loved this week: Crisp It’s been a busy week, one that has actually kept me from posting, but I have been busy working in the kitchen, on projects that I will eventually get...