Simple Sundays | Sweet Potato Pancakes

If you love pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, sweet potato cake or all of the above, you'll LOVE Sweet Potato Pancakes. Also delicious for leftover Thanksgiving sweet potatoes!
It was Friday night and as I turned over and snuggled my cheek into my pillow, my thoughts drifted to just one thing: pancakes. I was already thinking of Sunday morning pancakes. And I knew I wouldn’t be able to wait for Sunday.

But there was one more thing. As I began to dream of a leisurely Saturday morning, I thought of the sweet potatoes I brought home from the market. I knew what must be done.

A little bit of fall spice goes a long way in Sweet Potato Pancakes.

Cranberry Wine Sauce brings a touch of elegance to your Thanksgiving table!

Cranberry Wine Sauce

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This warm Roasted Butternut Squash Winter Salad with Kale, Farro and Cranberry Dressing is a wholesome and comforting dish – perfect with Thanksgiving turkey, as a side for a delicious winter meal, or as a wholesome lunch...

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