Five Little Things

Five Little Things - November 28, 2014 |

Five little things I loved this week:

1. Giving Thanks

We have much to be thankful for, this Thanksgiving and every day. I always wonder if our children truly understand how blessed our family is, but I hope that my husband and I are instilling gratitude for all the little things.

Eggnog Mousse | | A holiday classic you can sink your spoon into.

Eggnog Mousse

“Mom, wanna know the trick for getting rid of a song out of your head?” My daughter turned to me in the car on our way to pick up the turkey. “Yes, please.” If she had the...

Baked Eggs with Cheesy Pancetta Biscuits |

Baked Eggs with Cheesy Pancetta Biscuits

“If you could make up an extra day to the week, what would you call it?” my little guy asked me one morning. I chose Baker Day. Our last name, a day that we would fill baking...

Caramel Corn Kahlúa Affogato | | Give the classic Italian affogato a boost with a shot of Kahlúa and crunchy caramel corn!!

Caramel Popcorn Affogato

A table cleared, crumbs masterfully swept off the tablecloth, wine glasses with the last remaining sips left to offer. Waistbands a smidgen tighter, flavors lingering on tastebuds, and hearts content with a delicious meal. It’s about this...

Banana Caramel Mug Cake | Banana Caramel Mug Cake | Banana Caramel Mug Cake | Banana Caramel Mug Cake | | Two minutes in the microwave is all you need!

Simple Sundays | Banana Caramel Mug Cake

I woke up from the best night of sleep I have had in weeks. My pillow, my blankets…my bed…slumber so satisfying, I opened my eyes to my new bedroom ceiling, the soft light streaming in through the...

Five Little Things - November 21, 2014 | | Cranberry Chia Sauce

Five Little Things | Thanksgiving Edition

Hi, everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to share Five Little Things. I’ve been buried in boxes, dealing with movers, furniture delivery, and the stress that comes when the sale of your old...

Coffee Budino + #FestiveFinds with Nespresso and Sur la Table | | Imagine a cool and creamy cappuccino, and you've got coffee budino!

Coffee Budino + Festive Finds with Nespresso and Sur La Table

I have a sneaky suspicion that you and I have two things in common. Want to know what I think they might be? Coffee, for one. A strong brew of rich, delicious coffee. Not that wimpy stuff...

Pumpkin Spice Dark and Stormy | | An autumn twist to a classic.

Pumpkin Spice Dark and Stormy

I was driving through town just before Halloween when I passed by one of my favorite little shopping spots in my quiet little town. The trees were brilliant with fall foliage and it was one of those...

Make-Ahead Cranberry Scones |

Make-Ahead Cranberry Scones

Somewhere in my twenties, I had an epiphany. The magic of the holidays used to just ‘happen.’ There was a time when I would sit down to a table full of family favorites, a turkey, and platters...

Cranberry Sauce Slab Pie |

Cranberry Sauce Slab Pie

Pies and I, we don’t really get along. Well, let me rephrase that. When it comes to eating pies, I’m quite comfortable with that. Yes. But when it comes to making pies, well, there’s a little internal...

Artichoke Sourdough Stuffing with Jones Sausage | | Have a helping of delicious twist on stuffing.

Artichoke Sourdough Stuffing with Jones Sausage

When all the dishes come to the table at Thanksgiving, the turkey may take center stage – in its roasted glory, it’s hard not to put the spotlight on the bird, with its supporting cast gathered around...

Banana Coconut Crunch Muffins | | Muffins for any time of day - breakfast, brunch, snacks and desert!

Simple Sundays | Banana Coconut Crunch Muffins

I’m sitting at the dining room table, in the dark, surrounded by boxes. My desk has been dismantled, the remnants of Halloween and scores of sweets exploding in every room, and our home in various stages of...

Five Little Things - October 31, 2014 |

Five Little Things

After a week that can be classified as “PC” (Pretty Crappy), finding Five Little Things I loved may seem challenging. But these are the weeks that I dig a little deeper and find that there is always...

Sweet Potato Apple Cake Decorated with Chef'n Cakewalk |

Sweet Potato Apple Cake

I’ll never forget it. I was working in a small marketing firm, our office predominantly female, and one by one, we were following each other down the path of engagement, marriage and babies. Showers were the thing....

White Russian Creme Brûlée | | Put a Kahlúa twist on a classic!

White Russian Creme Brûlée

classic \ˈkla-sik\ a work of enduring elegance There are some foods that I will never tire of. The classic are classics for a reason, even in a culinary world riddled with food trends and some of the...