Simple Sundays | Passion Fruit Blood Orange Trifle

Passion Fruit Blood Orange Trifle | | A trifle made light with angel food cake, greek yogurt, fresh blood oranges and a passion fruit curd.

If I told you I had the perfect recipe for marriage, would you want me to share it? My sister shared an article the other day. 12 Lessons in 12 Years of Marriage, the title offered, and I had to click through. We’re 13 going on 14 years, and I couldn’t resist comparing notes.

We may have considerably fewer children (the author and his wife have 5), but the life experiences were very similar. Multiple moves, multiple homes, across various cities, and personal milestones. And I have to say, the 12 lessons were spot on. Especially #1.

Passion Fruit Blood Orange Trifle | | Sliced blood oranges.

Misua Bola-Bola - Filipino Meatball Noodle Soup | www.kitchenconfidante | A truly comforting bowl of noodle soup - and a family favorite.

Filipino Meatball Noodle Soup: Misua Bola-Bola + 5 Years

When this all started, I was shopping in the toddler section, dressing my son in adorable little jeans and pint-sized plaid. He would wear them, no questions asked. My daughter was still reading her way through Junie...

Acai Berry Bowl | | Superfoods collide in a bowl, perfect for breakfast, snack or dessert!

Simple Sundays | Açaí Berry Bowl

This week was a lesson in starting over. Sometimes we’re all in such a rush to get things done – one and done, ideally – that to take a step back and consider a do-over pains us....

Chimichurri Fries with Queso Fresco | | Dress your fries in a bold chimichurri for the perfect savory snack

Chimichurri Fries with Queso Fresco

This post was brought to you by Alexia Foods via Mode Media. Thank you so much for supporting brands that matter to me and making my blog a part of your day! “Wanna side of fries with...

Tea Poached Pears with Earl Grey Ice Cream | | The perfect dessert for entertaining - everything can be made in advance!

Tea Poached Pears with Earl Grey Ice Cream + A KitchenAid Electric Kettle Giveaway

Creature comforts are well and good, but none so much as the little rituals that accompany them. It’s the time we carve our for ourselves throughout the day, that permission we give ourselves to enjoy what makes...

Swiss Chard with Orzo, Cannelini Beans and Pancetta | | A wonderful dish with healthy greens and fiber rich beans.

Simple Sundays | Swiss Chard with Orzo, Cannelini Beans and Pancetta

I was at the register, chatting with the kind lady who was ringing up my purchase, when my eyes drifted upward onto the display behind her. It was a sea of words – I’m sure you’ve seen...

Soothing Hot Apple Berry Ginger Juice | | A warm juice with a touch of ginger keeps you warm and cozy in the winter.

Soothing Hot Apple Berry Ginger Juice

It was a conscious decision to hibernate. I deliberately allowed myself to relax, and that included taking a vacation from the gym. I did it willingly, and did not feel a bit guilty, or sorry, or regretful....

Creamy Spinach Lentil Soup |

Creamy Spinach Lentil Soup

This morning, at 6:30am, my daughter turns 12 years old. Excuse me, for a moment, while I get a little sobby deep down inside and wipe away nostalgic tears. In all seriousness, can someone please explain to...

Prime Rib Pho | | Save those prime rib roast bones and make a Vietnamese style noodle soup!

Simple Sundays | Prime Rib Pho

I’ve watched more movies in the last two weeks than I have in the past few months. I’ve worn cozy sweaters and stretchy jeans every single day. My work out clothes have rested in their drawer. Popcorn...

Top 10 Recipes of 2014 |

Top 10 Recipes in 2014

As the year winds down to a close, I thought it would be fun to bid 2014 adieu by reviewing the top 10 recipes published this year. I can now declare 2014 The Year of the Smoothie...

Apple Pecan Loaf Cake | | Have a slice with coffee or tea!

Simple Sundays | Apple Pecan Loaf Cake

The days leading up to the holidays are so frenzied with activity, and this year was no different. Each year I say to myself that I will get a head start with my shopping and card writing,...

Popcorn Christmas Tree Place Cards DIY | | Merry Christmas

Christmas Wishes

From my family to yours, warmest wishes for a happy, healthy and joyful Christmas! May it be filled with moments to remember always. Thank you for joining me in my kitchen – I want you to know...

Dark Chocolate Kahlúa Peppermint Fudge | | Dark chocolate fudge becomes a toast-worthy treat with a kiss of Kahlúa Peppermint Mocha!!

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Kahlúa Fudge

I learned a new term when I moved to California years ago. I was chatting with a neighbor when she shared her plans to celebrate a “New York New Year’s.” Being a native New Yorker, I wasn’t...

Popcorn Christmas Tree Place Cards DIY | | A simple and edible place card!

Popcorn Christmas Tree Place Cards DIY

What kind of music do elves like best? “Wrap” music! I’ve been scribbling elf jokes on my children’s lunch napkins. If I have time, I’ll sketch (poorly, I’m afraid) an elf, grinning at them. It’s my little...

Harissa Ramen | | Homemade harissa adds heat and flavor to a comforting bowl of ramen!

Harissa Ramen

The mail does not come until near evening here. Getting used to the rhythm of life in the new house has meant waiting until dark until the postman rolls his truck up front, with packages from UPS...