Five Little Things I loved the week of January 18, 2018.

Five Little Things

Five Little Things I loved the week of January 18, 2019: old recipes, hula reform, Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul, and more!

Five Little Things I loved the week of January 18, 2018.
Five Little Things

Five little things I loved this week:

1. Old Favorites

I couldn’t help but revisit some old favorites — sometimes those simple recipes get overlooked, which is a shame! Since the carrots have been so beautiful lately, I re-shared my Honey-Spice Glazed Carrots, which have been the perfect side dish to almost everything, from chicken to fish!

And since I always have bananas at the ready, my mom’s Banana Pineapple Cake is always a my special way to remember her. If you love banana bread, this is like it’s elegant cousin.

2. Hula Reform

Listening to Hawaiian music is so soothing — did you know that it’s my favorite thing to listen to when I write? It’s true. So it makes sense to me that hula dancing to proving to be a surprising form of reform for male prisoners.

3. Library Tree

How clever and charming is this? A woman in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho had to have a diseased tree removed so she had them leave enough of the stump to build a free library.

Turning a dead tree into a small free library that looks like something straight out of a fairytale from r/pics

4. Mandy Moore Wins

If you’re a This Is Us fan, then I think you will agree that Mandy Moore wins the aging challenge.

5. Lately

Miss Janet! How fun it was to see this clip of Janet Jackson rehearsing with Paula Abdul! Such a fun reminder of how talented they both are!


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