Golden hour in California

Five Little Things

Five Little Things I loved the week of June 5, 2020: lessons from children, their hugs, their imagination, and more!

Golden hour in California
Five Little Things

Hi, dear friends. This has been a heartbreaking week for our country, and I needed to take some time for pause and reflection. I know that there are no recipes that will heal the wounds, and my words will always be lacking, but I do know that despite all this, I was able to still find moments of comfort in the little things. Without fail, the joy came from children. Not just my own, but in every child I encountered, and in the Five Little Things I share with you today. I hope they bring a smile to your face, and more importantly, I hope their innocence brings you hope!

1. Thoughtfulness

I loved seeing little ones take other people’s happiness into their own hands.

2. Fly Me to the Moon

I loved listening to little voices like this one!

3. Love is Pure

I loved seeing how love can be so pure and raw.

4. A Little Imagination

I loved how a little imagination can make a daily walk with daddy special.

5. Hug it Out

I loved how a hug can be welcome to all!

Sending hugs to you all.



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