Simple Sundays | Nesting {an announcement}

Are you having a relaxing Sunday? I do hope so. In lieu of a recipe today, I am very happy to announce that Kitchen Confidante has a new home on the web. No longer will you have to type in that nagging hyphen! I would…

Simple Sundays | Nesting {an announcement}

Are you having a relaxing Sunday? I do hope so. In lieu of a recipe today, I am very happy to announce that Kitchen Confidante has a new home on the web. No longer will you have to type in that nagging hyphen! I would love it if you could update your address books, links, etc. to: Please? Thank you :)

Aside from nesting and getting settled in my new “home” I just wanted to share some of these gorgeous fresh cut herbs. When I met with some fellow Bay Area bloggers a few weeks ago, the lovely Patty from the very elegant Patty’s Food brought bundles of fragrant fresh herbs to share from her abundant garden. Oh, how this inspires me to plant more herbs and fruits and vegetables! Each year I say I am going to start a real garden, and each year, I regret not doing so.

But after seeing and smelling the lavender, I have a feeling I won’t let another season slip by.

Can you smell the fresh bay leaves?

And have you ever tasted lovage? This was a first for me – nibble on the parsley-looking leaves and you will be surprised by the taste of celery!

Ah, chamomile. Just looking at this shot of the chamomile resting on the pillow of lavender makes me feel at peace.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. I hope you find the time to breathe deeply and savor the sweetness all around you.


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  1. great post to read

    I know your expertise on this. I must say we should have an online discussion on this. Writing only comments will close the discussion straight away! And will restrict the benefits from this information.

  2. spcookiequeen

    Just catching up, those snaps are just gorgeous. I will update my reader. Hope you are having a great week. I wish I had taken more of those herbs, I want to plant more next year myself. Thank you again for your sweet gift.

  3. Magic of Spice

    Wonderful photos of these fresh beauties! I have everything other than the fresh bay in my garden :) Congrats on your domain and so happy that you are able to get some of Patty’s fresh gorgeous treats :)

  4. Annapet

    Welcome to your new home! Gorgeous photos! I was just out in the garden to cut more lavender spikes. My plan is to grow lavender on the entire hill next year!

  5. Jay

    wow…fantastic post..
    chanced upon your space while blog hopping..
    very interesting space you have..
    awesome presentation..
    Am your happy subscriber now..:)
    do stop by mine sometime..
    Tasty Appetite

  6. Ann

    Your pictures are beautiful and congratulations on your new home…it’s lovely!

  7. Ruby

    Congratulations on your new home! Beautiful photos of the herbs, especially the lavender and chamomile. I am lucky enough to have inherited a massive rosemary bush that came with our house, and have recently had some mint cuttings given to me. I still need basil and thyme and definitely lavender – lots of it! We’re heading to Provence in a few weeks – wonder if I can bring a cutting back? :-)

  8. Elizabeth @ Saffron Lane

    Congrats on the new home, Liren! I also just did a little (much needed) update on my blog. Your link has been successfully updated and I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

  9. Barbara | Creative Culinary

    I obviously get the dreaded hyphen thing…I’ve had this name for 16 years. The person who does not use the hyphen has had it longer. And they do not use it. One day. :)

    I used to have a big garden and as my kids grew and moved out I decided to not grow a gazillion zucchini or struggle to get a handful of tomatoes that were marauded constantly by a critter (that critter being my own dog!).

    But herbs…they are everywhere. The tolerate less sun, more dry and for the most part are perennial. Love them. And love lavender. In the past year I’m using it more for culinary purposes. Lavender lemon martini anyone? Lavender shortbread (yes, divine). Now I want bay…but think I would have to leave Colorado for that!

    Congrats Liren!

  10. foodwanderings

    Congrats on your new home Liren. It looks as lovely as ever!! What a wonderful thing to bring fresh herbs to a foodie party. Photographs look so fresh and beautiful.

  11. Mary at Deep South Dish

    Gorgeous! Everything looked like that around here for about the first couple weeks of spring – before the heat & humidity set in. It even took the two pots of lavender I had out. :(

    Wishing you a great housewarming in your new home on the web!

  12. MikeVFMK

    Yay Liren! That’s a step I have to make as well. Congrats on the new home, easier than ever to get to. Also, the herbs look amazing!

  13. patty

    Liren you’ve made these herbs look so beautiful, such a treat to see them on your lovely site! Thanks for your very sweet comment and welcome to your new home, congratulations;-)

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