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Caramel Apples

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I’ve been coping with an obsession. And since we’re friends, it is my duty to forewarn you. What I am about to share may haunt you. And perhaps force you to spend a little extra time at the gym, as I have.

It’s caramel.

There, I said it. Whew.

What started as a simple exploration into caramel apples has launched a fixation on all things caramel. So if you bear with me, the next couple of posts will likely have a drizzle of caramel on top.

Let’s begin with caramel apples. I’m not like most people, whose love affair with this sweet on a stick began at an early age. Quite the contrary. I’ve admired them from afar, but never really had my first taste until I was an adult. Honestly, I simply don’t know how that happened, chalk it up one of my life’s anomalies. But with Halloween just around the corner, I had my heart set on making them, just because I could.

And let me tell you, it was worth the wait.

If you’ve never tried making caramel apples, I hope you carve out some time in your weekend to devoting yourself to a pool of gooey bliss. If the idea of using corn syrup alarms you as it does me, do not worry. The Caramel Apples I am sharing today on uses a happier substitute with just a glossy results. The only thing you will have to decide is what is more fun, making caramel apples or eating them?

So go on, please join me and find the recipe for Caramel Apples on!


    • Liren

      It took me a while to finally appreciate it, but my goodness, I surely do now. Hope you enjoy it Bonny!

  1. Cristina

    Absolutely gorgeous, Liren. That’s apple-caramel goodness! ;)

  2. Gina

    You know I’ve beens so busy getting ready for our party, I haven’t made any caramel apples yet this year. Must get on that, huh. What is Halloween without caramel apples? Hope you are having a great weekend.

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