Share our Strength by Playing the Name Game

I am a mother. You probably know that by now. Every day, I do my best to make sure that my daughter and son have the healthiest food possible. I work hard in the kitchen not only because I love it, but because I want…

Share our Strength by Playing the Name Game

I am a mother. You probably know that by now. Every day, I do my best to make sure that my daughter and son have the healthiest food possible. I work hard in the kitchen not only because I love it, but because I want them to eat well. To me, making sure they have access to healthful meals is no different from reading to them each night, helping with homework, and chauffeuring them to sports.

Food is a basic. We all know that.

Sadly, there are millions of hungry children, here, in our own country. Little ones have enough to worry about as they grow up, food should not be one of them. That is why events such as Share Our Strength Taste of the Nation are so important. From April to August, the best local chefs and mixologists will gather in 40 cities nationwide to help fight childhood hunger. 100% of proceeds from ticket sales will go to support Share Our Strength’s efforts. Efforts include serving meals to children, growing produce in low-income community gardens, teaching & providing nutrition education classes, and serving as an advocate for government programs.

How would you like to attend Taste of the Nation Napa Valley on August 5, 2010 at the Silverado Resort? This is a unique opportunity to enjoy food, wine and spirits from Wine Country’s top chefs, restaurants and wineries. I encourage you to go and buy a ticket!

And guess what? I will be attending Taste of the Nation Napa Valley and covering the tasting event for Foodbuzz. They have kindly given me a ticket to raffle off to one of you!

So, how can you enter to win a ticket to Taste of the Nation Napa Valley?

Let me tell you about my other baby — this blog. When I first started Kitchen Worthy last January, I actually did announce it to family and friends as my newest baby. Indeed, I have nurtured it and mothered it. I am proud of this blog and try my best with every single post. In just a few months, I have really enjoyed seeing it develop before my very eyes. It has given me a chance to meet like minded people who appreciate good food – I read every single comment, and I try my best to reply to each one.

Late last week, I received an email from an attorney who represents a company that apparently owns the trademark for the name Kitchen Worthy for the sale of various kitchen goods. They have asked me to stop using the Kitchen Worthy name on this blog.

So, as much as it pains me, I need to rename Kitchen Worthy. It’s almost like renaming a child! I am struggling to find a new name that I can really identify with.

I’m hoping you can help. Can you think of a new name for this blog? Keep in mind, nothing else will change – my content will stay the same – but the name and domain must change.

Raffle Rules
  • Leave a comment on this post with a new blog name. You may leave as many comments/suggestions as you wish. For each blog name suggested, your name will be entered in a random drawing for one (1) ticket to attend Taste of the Nation Napa Valley.
  • Comments will be closed on Wednesday, May 26th at 10 pm Pacific.
  • The Ticket Winner will be announced on Friday, May 28th.

{If you are out of state and unable to travel to the event but would still like to leave a blog name, I will take your name out of the drawing only if you mention so on your comment. But hey, maybe this is a good excuse to plan a trip to the Bay Area!}

Thank you all in advance. Good luck!



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  1. Stella

    Hey Liren, that is so upsetting about your blog name. Sorry!
    Hmm, maybe you could call it ‘Kitchen Magic’. I know-I’ve got that on the brain. Um, or maybe ‘Kitchen Merit’. Are you wanting to keep ‘Kitchen’ in the name?
    Anyway, hope this is an easy transition for you. Warm Regards, Stella

    • Liren

      Stella, I think some of your own kitchen magic dusted my blog :) The transition certainly went smoother than I anticipated!

  2. Renee

    That’s too bad about your blog name. How about “The Inspired Kitchen”? I don’t live in the area (wish I could go!). I also am a big supporter of Share Our Strength. They do really great work.

    Good luck with your Relaunch!

    • Liren

      I actually thought of The Inspired Kitchen, but it was trademarked (though I don’t think they’ve ever actually used it on the web). I would have really liked that one if it wasn’t TM’d!

  3. Sabrina Hungerford

    “What’s Hot Now”, “Cooking Times”, “Baker’s Dozen”, “In the Kitchen with Liren”, “Cooking with Liren”, “Liren’s Oven”, “Kitchen Inspirations”, “The Dish”

    • Liren

      Sabrina, you gave SO many awesome suggestions! Thank you! I loved Kitchen Inspirations especially :)

  4. momgateway

    Sorry about needing to rechristen your babe …what about I like Kitchen Diva or Chic Kitchen?

  5. Cheryl

    Oh Liren, I feel so bad for you and I was hoping it would not come to this. But …… if you must change the name, this is my suggestion……..
    “Culinary Inspirations”. You truly inspire all who read your blog. Your photos are wonderful and your thoughts and ideas come to life in print. Your energy is vibrant and contagious… have a true gift!

    • Liren

      Cheryl, your suggestion was one of the hubby’s faves, just wanted you to know. And thank you for always supporting me, I can’t tell you how much that means to me!

  6. Lisa { AuthenticSuburbanGourmet }

    Hey Liren – So sorry that this happened to you! It must just pain you to have to go through this process, but it sounds like you are making the best of it. Here are just a couple thoughts on a new name:
    Inspirations from my Kitchen
    Inspirations from the Kitchen
    Kitchen Inspirations
    Kitchen Merit
    Liren’s Kitchen
    Liren’s Kitchen Adventures
    Liren’s Kitchen and Beyond

    • Liren

      Wow, thank you Lisa for all the great suggestions! Kitchen Merit really struck a chord :)

  7. citronetvanille

    Oh I am so sorry about this name ordeal! I wish I could go to that event but not sure if I will be in the US in August…in the meantime I will think about some cool name for you…what about “Plat du Jour”?

    • Liren

      Silvia, I really liked this one too! It was SO hard to decide!

    • Liren

      Berna, this was a definite favorite. My sister loved this especially!

  8. Jenn

    Hi Liren,
    I may not be a mother, but the plight of feeding children no matter where they are is one that simply cannot be ignored. There’s tons of crap happening elsewhere, but if you can’t help your own backyard…. We live in a world where there’s so much and yet so many have so little. How did it come to this :(
    My jaw dropped when I read about having to rename your blog… :( *hugz*. How to rename a child’s name though??? Will have to make my adled brain work.

    • Liren

      It really is so hard…especially as a “foodie” to know that there are so many little guys out there who don’t have access to decent food. And here we are creating and innovating in our kitchens each day. Sigh :(

  9. Joan Nova

    After re-reading your ‘about’…

    devoted to food
    food lust

    • Liren

      Joan, it’s true, I am a definitely obsessed!

  10. FoodApprecianado

    If you are celebrating cooking & motherhood, and the things you find in the kitchen to cook up — how about “Mother’s Cupboards”?

    • Liren

      Angela, so clever- but believe it or not, taken by someone else! Thank you though for helping!!!

  11. Joy

    What about inspirational kitchen? or creative kitchen? I’m sorry about the name :(

    • Liren

      Thanks for the suggestions, they were really helpful!

  12. Cristina

    Liren: I’m sorry about the name change issue…I’m going to give it some thought.

    • Liren

      Cristina, thank you so much for all your support through this whole renaming/blog migration! It meant a lot!

  13. Jean

    So sorry to hear this. At least the best part about this blog is you, so that won’t change. Must crank up the brain to think of something…

  14. Judy

    :( Sorry to hear of your blog name woes. Like many others, despite the name change, I’ll continue to enjoy reading your blog.

  15. Patty Price

    Sorry to hear the news that you have to change your name. My son gave me the name for my blog, ask your children what names they like for your blog, you might be pleasantly surprised!

  16. Chef Dennis

    its a shame that you have to change your blog name….I know how hard that must be….I would be crushed at this point…sigh…
    I think I might just try a play on words, with your original name.
    Kitchen Worthie….Cuisine Worthy…..Kitchen Wordthy
    anyway thats just my two cents…it is your baby….
    Best of luck with your search and no matter what your blog is called you will always be called friend.

    • Liren

      Thanks Dennis! I appreciate it — I have come to realize that a name is a name, but it doesn’t determine the blog or the friendships that ensue :)

    • Liren

      Aw, thanks Belinda! I’m glad you think so!

  17. denise @ quickies on the dinner table

    Hey Liren – I guess you know I can’t take part in this giveaway though hunger, especislly when it affects children, is something close to my heart.

    I am sorry about your blog woes – I do relate to how you feel and wish this was not happening to you. I don’t have any suggestions yet but I will keep this in mind :)

    • Liren

      Thank you Denise :) Always so great to have your support!

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