Meyer Lemon and Honey Lassi

Meyer Lemon and Honey Lassi

Squeeze a little sunshine into a Meyer Lemon and Honey Lassi. This Indian-inspired smoothie is a tangy, lip-smacking treat!

Squeeze a little sunshine into a Meyer Lemon and Honey Lassi. This Indian-inspired smoothie is a tangy treat!

I don’t know what it’s like by you, but I miss the sun. We’re in the depths of winter, and it doesn’t look as though we will ever see spring. The clouds have been hovering over us here on the west coast and I pretty much live in my rain boots and rain coat! We may start building an ark soon.

When we first moved to California, our first winter was just about as wet as this one. And my husband and I assumed that every winter brought rain for months on end. But we quickly learned that droughts are just as common, and for many years, assumed that rain was a thing of the past. I’m realizing that there is a cycle to these things, and perhaps we have come full circle when it comes to the weather.

Squeeze a little sunshine into a Meyer Lemon and Honey Lassi. This Indian-inspired smoothie is a tangy treat!

The bright side is, as you can guess, we’ve got Meyer lemons! And I have to say, I’m quite content to stay indoors, and I do hope the rain continues for as long it is willing. In the meantime, I’m pouring sunshine into a cup.

One of my favorite drinks is a lassi, which is essentially an Indian smoothie, but lighter — for many years, mango lassis were my go to — I still remember guzzling so many of those back when I was working in New York, especially on hot summer days! Despite the fact that it’s cold and rainy, I’m turning to the lassi as a sunny treat, and there’s something about Meyer lemons and honey that just work perfectly together. So I’ll sip my Meyer lemon and honey lassi, watch the rainfall, and wait until the sun decides to return.

Squeeze a little sunshine into a Meyer Lemon and Honey Lassi. This Indian-inspired smoothie is a tangy treat!

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Meyer Lemon and Honey Lassi

Serves 2

Squeeze a little sunshine into a Meyer Lemon and Honey Lassi. This Indian-inspired smoothie is a tangy treat!


  • 12 oz plain yogurt
  • zest of 4 Meyer lemons
  • 1/2 cup Meyer lemon juice (from about 4 Meyer lemons)
  • 4-6 tablespoons honey, to taste
  • 6 ice cubes


In the jar of a blender, add the yogurt, Meyer lemon zest and juice, honey and ice cubes. Blend until smooth. Adjust sweetness to your liking with more or less honey, or sugar, if you wish. Serve immediately.


Meyer lemons are sweeter than a standard lemon, so do note that this drink will be much more tart if you use a regular lemon and you will have to adjust the sweetness to your taste.


  1. Becky

    I love the simplicity of lassis! This one would be perfect for anyone with a little seasonal cold too! Great recipe Liren!

  2. Laura

    Oh my word I am totally with you! It was so cloudy for so long I felt like the sun had forgotten us! lol! This Lassi will definitely brighten up the remaining dreary winter days!

    • Liren Baker

      Right? We had a little spell of sun, which has been wonderful, but I’m gearing up for another blast of cloud and rain. Gotta love winter!

  3. Liz @ Floating Kitchen

    We are getting slammed with a blizzard right now, so this glass of sunshine sounds just perfect. And I’m definitely missing my West Coast years right now. The weather wasn’t always perfect, but at least I didn’t have to shovel (and bust my back in the process!). Meyer lemons are my fav. I wish their season was longer!

    • Liren Baker

      I’ve been watching the snow from afar, and as magical as it is, I hope you’re doing ok — shoveling is no fun. And I agree, why can’t Meyer lemon season last longer?

  4. marcie

    It’s foggy out right now, but it’s been so nice having the sun the past few days! They need to start building an ark in Oroville for sure — that dam is crazy full! I love mango lassi’s and have never thought to make one with another type of fruit. Using meyer lemons is such a great idea and this is definitely a day brightener!

    • Liren Baker

      The situation in Oroville is crazy, isn’t it? I feel for all the people who have been evacuated. What a crazy winter this has been, Marcie!

    • Liren Baker

      I love how you call Meyer lemons a food crush – that is the perfect way to describe it, Lydia!

  5. Izzy

    You should probably move to Arizona because the past few days it’s been 80 degrees and very sunny! I’m wishing I had your weather though because we haven’t had much winter here. I love how bright and refreshing these drinks look!

    • Liren Baker

      Hi Charlie, you can use whichever you prefer! The yogurt I used is lowfat (about 2% milkfat), but this would be delicious would be full fat, as well, probably creamier!

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