An apricot galette is one of the Five Little Things I loved the week of August 9, 2019.

Five Little Things

Five Little Things I loved the week of August 2, 2019: easy summer desserts, Good Eats returns, good reads, and more!

An apricot galette is one of the Five Little Things I loved the week of August 9, 2019.
Five Little Things

Happy Friday, everyone! I have to tell you, this weekend is bittersweet! It’s our last weekend before the kids head back to school. Sigh, that went by so fast. But it was a good summer, and I suppose once I get over missing my kids during the day, it will be good to return to a normal schedule.

Here are Five Little Things I loved this week:

1. Easy Summer Desserts

This week took on a theme of its own both on the blog and off — and all thanks to the amazing fruit we found at the farmer’s market last weekend! I finally shared my recipe for Vegan Strawberry Shortcake and revisited my favorite Blueberry Crisp that I’ve been making for YEARS.

And of course, it isn’t summer without a galette, and I also made the Apricot Galette you see pictured above!

2. So Easy a Kid Can Do It

Speaking of easy summer food, my son took his lobster craving into his own hands yesterday and made the easiest lobster pasta dish. I’m so proud of him! Where did he get his inspiration? From my friend Lucia, who is @foodminimalist on Instagram. This is the post that he cooked from, with a few adaptations of his own.

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Brown butter lobster pasta with some super sweet sungolds, minced tomato, garlic, parsley and lots of lemon to give the dish some brightness. Give yourself some time to take apart the boiled lobster or buy it already shucked from your local fishmonger. Serves 2-ish. __________________ Boil a 1 ½ lb. live lobster in rapidly boiling water for about 10 min. Carefully remove from hot water and set aside until cool enough to handle. Take lobster apart, scooping the meat from both claws, the tail, and if you have patience, all the meat from the little legs. __________________ Cook about ¼-½ lb. of pasta of your choice according to package directions. Drain and reserve about a cup of pasta cooking water. Set aside. __________________ In a saucepan large enough to fit all the pasta you just cooked, melt about 2 Tbsp. butter on med-low heat. Stir occasionally and keep cooking until the butter and milk solids start to turn golden brown and things smell pleasantly nutty. Reduce heat to low, add in a minced garlic, stir until fragrant, about 30 sec, then add in the reserved pasta. Stir to combine, then add in the reserved lobster, continue to stir to warm through everything. If things look dry, add in a small amount of reserved pasta water. You probably will not use the entire cup. Before serving, add in a chopped small tomato and some sungolds, minced parsley, and lots of fresh lemon juice. Salt, pepper, chili pepper flakes to taste. Serve with more lemon at the table. __________________ Ditalini pasta from @semolinaartisanalpasta. Thank you @fatgullet for the gift!

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3. Summer Reading

I’ve had the pleasure of reading a lot of amazing books this summer, and yesterday, I finished Before We Were Yours (affiliate link) by Lisa Wingate. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it — it might just be the best book I read all summer.

What was your favorite summer read this year? Let me know!

4. Good Eats Returns!

Alton Brown fans, guess what? Good Eats is returning! Who else is excited??

5. Be Nice

A few months ago, Kristen Bell gave the commencement speech at USC, but I feel like her message bears repeating, especially for all the kids about to enter the next school year.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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