Make it a bowl party on game day with Filipino Pork BBQ Bowl and Korean Meatball Noodle Bowl!

Big Game Bowl Recipes: Filipino Pork Barbecue Bowl and Spicy Korean-Style Meatball Bowl

Make it a bowl party on game day with Filipino Pork BBQ Bowl and Korean Meatball Noodle Bowl!
Big Game Bowl Recipes: Filipino Pork Barbecue Bowl and Spicy Korean-Style Meatball Bowl

Upend your traditional game day eats with new trends that will bowl your guests over! This post is brought to you in partnership with the National Pork Board.

Make it a bowl party on game day with Filipino Pork BBQ Bowl and Korean Meatball Noodle Bowl!

Football fever has descended on the nation, and especially here in San Francisco, where preparations are being made to host the Big Game in just a couple of weeks. There are already talks of road closures and traffic detours, and it’s not just for one day – the next two weeks, commuters and tourists are realizing that it won’t be that simple to drive through the football frenzy for a little while! With events planned through the beginning of February, If you’re not going to be close to the action on the field, I think the best thing to do to celebrate the big game is by planning a party at home and focus on the FOOD!

Give your next big game party a delicious twist with Big Game Bowl recipes like Spicy Korean-style Pork Meatball Bowls and Filipino Pork BBQ Bowls!

Like any sport, entertaining takes practice, so in the name of the game, I hosted a pre-party for the Big Game to test two new recipes that’ll amp up your game-day menu. I’m shaking things up with pork in a fun collaboration with the National Pork Board with recipes that highlights two of my favorite Asian flavors: spicy Korean and Filipino (of course!) barbecue in a build your own bowl pre-bowl party!

Party prep is fun when you host with Big Game Bowl recipes!

Big Game Bowl Recipes |
Big Game Bowl recipes are a fun way to celebrate the big game!

I know everyone has their traditional game day eats, but it’s always fun to upend your menu with something fun, exciting, and a little bit different! This game day spread has something for everyone, and is my spin on how we have all become bowled over by bowl recipes. Crowd pleasing noodles and fresh greens are topped with pork and toppings that can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content.

Let your guests mix and match their game day bowls for a fun way to enjoy the big game!
Shake things up at your next big game party with Big Game Bowl Recipes, including this Spicy Korean-style Meatball Bowl!

Since meatballs are already a game-day favorite, I knew I wanted to do a meatball bowl that would update the usual bite. The Spicy Korean-style Meatball Bowl is perfect for taking an old favorite and giving it a new spin! Ground pork is blended with Asian pear, some garlic, Korean chili paste (for a little kick) and soy sauce for the ultimate savory bite. But to make it even more exciting, I glazed it with a blackberry chili glaze to give it an extra punch of sweet and spicy. Serve it up over a bowl of brown rice or glass noodles with a side of bok choy, topped with green onion seeds, sesame seeds and you are good to go.

Game day food just got bolder with these Filipino Pork Barbecue Bowl!

Filipino Pork BBQ skewers disappear like magic at any gathering. Try it for game day!

Now I knew I couldn’t have a game day party without my personal favorite: Filipino Pork BBQ Bowls. Go to any big gathering – especially my family’s game day parties – and these skewers of pork tenderloin marinated in a bold, tangy sauce always disappear in a second. Place the morsels of bbq pork over fresh greens, serve it with achara (green papaya relish), and drizzle it with an Asian vinaigrette, and you’ve got a vibrant bowl that will be a total winner at your big game party.

Guests can mix and match toppings with these awesome big game bowl recipes!

Bowl your guests over with these Big Game Bowl Recipes!

The big game is all about the food!

No matter what recipe you pick, don’t forget some key things when cooking pork: pork chops, roasts and tenderloin should be cooked to an internal temperature between 145°F for medium rare and 160°F for medium, followed by a three minute rest. For ground pork, cook to an internal temperature of 160°F.

To find the recipes, head over to
Filipino Pork BBQ Bowl
Spicy Korean-Style Meatball Bowl

And of course, the fun doesn’t end after the big game is over. You know how much I love pork all year round, and these recipes are sure bets for any time you are entertaining a crowd. For more recipes like these, check out, and find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram at @porkbeinspired.

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