Green Smoothie Bowl | | Skip the straw and grab a spoon - this is the perfect breakfast, lunch, or post workout snack!

Green Smoothie Bowl

Green Smoothie Bowl | | Skip the straw and grab a spoon - this is the perfect breakfast, lunch, or post workout snack!
Green Smoothie Bowl

Green Smoothie Bowl | | Skip the straw and grab a spoon - this is the perfect breakfast, lunch, or post workout snack!

My mind was really cluttered this week. It wasn’t exactly a hairy week by any means, but my brain was full of random things vying for my attention. There was competition of the olympic sort as my mind shifted from work, to email, conference calls, newscasts, the landscaping project underway, my son’s spelling test, mapping out summer camps, my sister’s birthday, making it to the gym on time, dentist appointments, cleaning the house since apparently we seem to be one of the only people left on the planet who scrubs our own toilets these days, to Easter, and oh, my mother in law is coming in a week (yay!). A standard week, but for some reason, as I forced myself to go to yoga, I could literally feel each one of those things exit my brain, at least for one hour.

Green Smoothie Bowl | | Chock full of spinach and good stuff!

Anyway, I’m back from the gym, and I’m snacking on my newest obsession. You know how I love my green smoothies, and you also know how I adore Açaí Berry Bowls. Well, right now I’m obsessed with mashing the two together: this Green Smoothie Bowl is so good, I’ve been having them for breakfast, and sometimes even lunch!

Green Smoothie Bowl | | Fresh kiwis and bananas make delicious toppings.

Green Smoothie Bowl | | Your favorite green smoothie is also fun in a bowl!

Green Smoothie Bowl | | Top this delicious bowl with all the goodies!

The base of the green smoothie bowl is kefir, which I have been loving a lot lately, a good handful of fresh spinach, frozen pineapples, mangoes and ripe bananas. A few seconds in the blender, and I top it with more bananas, fresh kiwis, chia seeds and my absolute favorite shredded coconut. It’s so filling and refreshing, especially after a hard workout.

Green Smoothie Bowl | | Topped with fresh fruit, coconut, and chia seeds, this bowl is so satisfying and good for you.

How are you doing this week? Are you as ready for the weekend as I am? I hope you take a moment for you today. I know I forget myself, but this little bowl is something I make, just for me, all for me. We all need that special something to get us through the day, don’t you think?

Green Smoothie Bowl | | Transform your favorite green smoothie into a hearty bowl!

Green Smoothie Bowl

1 bowl | Prep: 5 minutes | Cook: 5 minutes


For the Green Smoothie Bowl:

1/4 cup kefir

1/2 ripe banana

1 cup fresh baby spinach

1/4 cup frozen mango

1/4 cup frozen pineapples

For the Toppings:

sliced bananas

sliced kiwis

shredded coconut

chia seeds



In a blender, add the keffir, banana, spinach, mango and pineapple, in that order. Blend on low speed until the mixture is thick and creamy. You may have to tamp it down to help it blend evenly. Transfer to a bowl and let it set in the freezer while you prepare your toppings.

To serve, top with bananas, kiwis, coconut, chia seeds, and a good drizzle of honey. Enjoy immediately.


    • Liren Baker

      I think if I could live on a tropical island surrounded by kiwis and coconuts, I would be very content. Guess that speaks to my heritage, eh? And yes, I’m on such a kefir kick these days! Isn’t it great? Have a wonderful Passover, Brian!

  1. Liz

    What a magnificent breakfast! And I can totally relate to yoga being the only respite my mind has from racing 100 mph!

  2. Lauren

    Hello (: I was just wondering what camera you use… you’re photos are absolutely stunning and are so inspiring, i’m definitely trying out a ton of your recipes
    thank you (:

  3. Crista

    I LOVE THIS BOWL! I’ve had the recipe open in my browser for a few days now, I hope to use this recipe over the weekend!! xox 

  4. Marceline

    Hi there. Do you have any suggestions of a vegan substitute for the kefir in this recipe? Thanks!

  5. Fiona

    Isn’t that your picture…?

    • Liren Baker

      Yes, indeed, Fiona, thank you for sharing with me and letting me know. It’s always tough when people use images without asking for permission, or worse, without providing credit. I appreciate your help!

  6. A carb

    What kind of kefir should we use? Aren’t there different flavors?

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