Avocado Milk

Avocado Milk

The other night I was catching up with an old friend, when the topic turned to avocados (Naturally. Don’t your conversations take the same turn?). Actually, she was telling me that some Filipino friends had introduced her to a drink with avocado in it.

Waaaaiit a minute. I thought that was my own little secret. Not even my sister knew about it.  I actually believed that it was my Tita (Aunt) Leah’s quirky concoction that she passed on to me when I was about 8 years old. When I decided to poke around, I was surprised to learn that variations of a milky avocado drink are widely popular around Asia.

This describes an Indonesian variety with chocolate (!).  Flickr produced loads of avocado drink images.  Here is yet another version.

So, apparently, I’m not alone.

My kids love what we call “Avocado Milk.”  My son periodically begs for this drink.  And when I’ve got ripe avocados, I am happy to oblige.  While avocados are high in fat, it’s what we like to call the “good” (mono saturated) fat, AND it has more potassium than bananas AND is high in vitamins B, E, and K.  Oh, and avocados are a good source of fiber.  You know how good that is for you.

The drink is simple, really.  Avocados, milk and sugar.  You can control the sugar, of course.  My friend likes to use rice milk, which is already sweet, and passes on the sugar.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I imagine that would be good.  My kids like it smooth from a blender, I like mine chunky.  There are many ways to enjoy it!  Give it a try, you might find that avocados aren’t just for guacamole anymore.

Avocado Milk

Serves 2


1-2 ripe avocados (Haas avocados are preferred)
3 cups cold milk (I prefer skim)
1-3 Tbsp sugar, to taste


Mash avocados with sugar to a paste.  Add milk and stir (or blend).  Enjoy!


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  1. Hafsah

    Just triedbit this morning with honey instead of sugar was devine

    • Liren Baker

      Hi Kiti! Since avocado oxidizes and turns brown quickly, I like to drink the avocado milk as soon as I make it. I probably wouldn’t keep it for longer than an hour or two in the refrigerator. Hope this helps!

  2. Serena

    Mmm…avocado milk! Tastes even smoother with condensed milk then you can omit the granulated sugar

  3. Guadalupe Flad

    Hello, I also love the Madagaskar movies, great movie!

  4. sheila

    Been following your blog for a couple of days now! I’m loving it! I remember my lola (grandma) making Avocado ice candy in the Philippines while I was little. It was my favorite! This reminded me of it! I;m going to have to make this soon! Thanks for sharing! It made my day :)

    • Liren

      Hi Sheila, welcome! Did your lola really make avocado ice candy? How did she do it? I would love to know!

  5. Pierre

    In Indonesia, you can find this with chocolate condense milk in every restaurants. It’s said to be skin-nourishing.

    • kitchenworthy

      Really?! I’ll definitely have to try it with chocolate and condensed milk one day — it sounds delicious and would make a good dessert!

  6. TinyGatsbyKid

    I will, in fact I have purchased my avocado & rice milk. Just need to wait for the ‘cado to ripen. P.S. I passed by a store that had california cuties in a crate and saw the cutie character smiling at me. Thought of you!

  7. TinyGatsbyKid

    Nice photo! It makes me want to take a big gulp of the green stuff!

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